Terms & Conditions


The following general terms and conditions govern all legal transactions and business relationships between Bazoom Group ApS and its contractual partners. These terms and conditions apply to all legal transactions between Bazoom Group ApS and its contractual partners, unless deviating agreements have been made by individual contractual provisions.


Contractual agreements

Contractual relationships between Bazoom Group ApS and its clients are concluded by the placing and acceptance of an order by Bazoom Group ApS.


The order and acceptance hereof will be confirmed to the client by e-mail.
For this, Bazoom Group ApS collects the e-mail address of the client and uses
it to communicate with the client.


The subject matter of the contract, as well as specific activities, tasks and obligations arising from the contractual relationship, are agreed in
advance between Bazoom Group ApS and the client and described bindingly in the order confirmation or through specific e-mail correspondence.


Bazoom Group ApS reserves the right at any time to commission
subcontractors or project partners for partial services or consulting and to
assign them proportionate activities within an order.



Scope of services

The services that Bazoom Group ApS must provide include the agreed tasks,
activities and / or results which Bazoom Group ApS has confirmed to the client.
Verbal ancillary agreements are generally ineffective unless they are confirmed
in writing by Bazoom Group ApS and thereby legitimized.


If order services must be bound by deadlines or deadlines, these can be
recorded in writing in the order. Unless there is a written record of deadlines
and / or deadlines, the provision of services shall be deemed not to be


Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations is the sole responsibility of
the client. Bazoom Group ApS expressly does not carry out any legal examination
of orders placed. By commissioning, the client assures not to use Bazoom Group
ApS for legally unfair projects that violate morality and morality. Upon
becoming aware of a violation of this, Bazoom Group ApS is entitled to
terminate the contractual relationship without notice and to invoice the
partial service provided to date. Should Bazoom Group ApS the contractually
agreed provision of services be impossible, an impossibility of performance occurs or is imminent, it will inform the customer immediately of this fact.


Contractual obligations of the parties

Both contracting parties support each other to the
best of their knowledge and belief in the execution of concluded contracts and the provision of contractual performance obligations by providing the necessary information, information and/or experience.


Should the provision of services be impossible for a reason for which Bazoom Group ApS is not responsible and/or cannot be influenced by Bazoom Group ApS, this does not give rise to any recourse claim on the part of the client. Bazoom Group ApS is only responsible for the links provided and agreed upon with the client. Local requirements and rules and regulations of the links is solely the responsibility of the client and not Bazoom Group ApS.  


Bazoom Group ApS is only responsible for ensuring the validity of any link on the pages on which they were original sold to. If pages merges, are shut down or for any other reason changes which affect the validity of the link, this is out of the control of Bazoom Group ApS and can thus not be held accountable for this nor can a claim or refund be made to the client (force major).


Right of withdrawal and consequences of revocation

The execution of the orders will be started by Bazoom Group ApS immediately after the order has been placed.


As long as the execution of the order has not yet begun, a complete revocation is. Since partial services rendered can no longer be taken back and the benefits for the customer can no longer be reversed, the right of revocation expires proportionately with the commencement of work. From this point on, the customer must bear the costs for services already provided on a
pro rata basis.


Consequences of revocation If the contract is revoked, all payments
received by Bazoom Group ApS from the revoking business partner must be repaid
immediately and at the latest within fourteen days from the day on which the
notification of the revocation of the contract has been received. For
repayments, the same means of payment used for the original transaction will be
used, unless expressly agreed otherwise; in no case will fees be charged for







If the service or delivery has already begun, a reasonable amount must be
paid that corresponds to the proportion of the services provided up to that
point compared to the total scope of the contractually agreed services.

The revocation can be made in writing or by e-mail.

Guarantee and warranty

Unless otherwise agreed in an individual contract, the guarantee on the
link will be stated in the Bazoom Group ApS platform. If a link is removed or
deleted within six months, Bazoom Group ApS will replace it with a new, valid
link unless the reason for this is related to the issues listed in section
“Contractual obligations of the parties”.


Prices and terms of payment

The parties agree on an individual contract a fixed
price for the provision
of the agreed services. All prices are net prices and are exclusive of the
statutory value added tax in the applicable amount. The prices will be listed
in the Bazoom Group ApS platform. In principle, Bazoom Group ApS offers payment
by credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. Bazoom Group ApS reserves the right
not to offer certain payment methods with each order and to refer to other
payment methods.


If the agreed fixed price is not received by Bazoom
Group ApS within 8 days
of the invoice date, Bazoom Group ApS is entitled to withdraw from the
contract. If a service cannot be provided for reasons for which third parties
(e.g. publishers) are responsible or cannot be provided within the period
agreed in an individual contract, the customer will receive a credit note for
amounts paid to his credit account set up for him at the time of Bazoom Group
ApS, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in an individual contract. Bazoom
Group ApS. will inform the customer about the non-completion of the service and
the crediting to the credit account.


Non-disclusure agreement

The parties agree that strictly confidentiality
applies on all data that
has been provided directly or indirectly to both parties. This also applies for
the software which the platform is based upon. When using the platform, you
agree to the following:

·        You may not copy, distribute,
or disclose
any part of the Platform in any medium, including without limitation by any automated or non-automated “scraping”.

·       You may not attempt to
interfere with, compromise the system integrity or security of, or decipher any transmissions to or from the servers running the Platform.

·       You may not use any robot, spider, crawler, scraper or other automated means or interface not provided by us to access
the Platform or to extract data.

·       You may not use automated bots or other software to send more messages through our Platform than humanly possible.

·       You may not share your license or access with any other parties.

·       You may not access our Platform in an attempt to build a similar or other competitive product.

·       You may not collect or harvest any personally identifiable information, including account names, from the Platform;

·       You may not violate or infringe other people’s intellectual property, privacy, or other contractual rights while using our Platform.

·       You may not use the Platform for any purposes that are misleading, unlawful, defamatory, obscene, invasive, threatening, or harassing.

·       You may not violate any requirements, procedures, policies or regulations of networks connected to Bazoom Group ApS.

·       You may not sell, lease, loan, distribute, transfer, or sublicense the Platform or access to it or derive income from the use or provision of the Platform unless enabled through the functionality of our Platform.

·       You agree that you will not hold Bazoom Group ApS responsible for your use of our Platform.


Confidentiality in general, means that data of any sort can’t be used for any other purpose that the cooperation unless otherwise agreed with Bazoom
Group ApS.


The confidentiality statement takes effect when the
client gets access to confidential information (e.g., when given access to the platform) and shall remain up to 5 years after termination of the cooperation between the parties.


Any violation will – without any exception – be prosecuted with legal



The place of jurisdiction is Aarhus in Denmark, unless otherwise
contractual agreed.

Serverability clause

If individual provisions of b contract are or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the contracting parties shall replace the invalid provision with another provision that comes closest to the economic purpose of the omitted provision in a permissible manner.