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Bazoom is a full-service platform for link building, helping our clients make the perfect SEO strategy



Let us analyze your site and give you intelligent recommendations to build a stronger link profile.

Work with all the metrics you’re used to work with from Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush, etc. and filter through the relevant categories for your projects.

Link management


Enjoy our industry-leading marketplace where you can easily handle all your projects, orders and invoices and scale your link building to the level you aim for. Our custom-built platform is tailored specifically to you as a link builder, and we have focused on one thing - make link building hassle-free.


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Do you need help or have questions? Our skilled Client Managers are never more than a click or a call away.

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Integrate effortlessly with the industry leaders in link building software.

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Bazoom partners up with Livescore in six countries

Bazoom partners up with Livescore in six countries

When evaluating potential agencies, consider their aspects of branding and design.

Tamara takes the stage at SEO awards in Brighton

Tamara takes the stage at SEO awards in Brighton

The concept of a multi-brand system has gained traction to manage various brands.

Huffpost has chosen Bazoom as nordic partner

Huffpost has chosen Bazoom as nordic partner

A well-defined statement helps participants focus on creativity and ensures same page.

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Super cool platform with lots of interesting sites to get links from, easy to use, trustworthy and transparent. Fast and accurate response if you have any questions.

Thomas Andersen

I have been working with Bazoom for a while, and have always been happy with the experience. The service, the personal treatment and the quality of their work was always top notch.

Elad Barzilai

We’ve had many collaborations with Bazoom and they have an excellent service. Sebastian Hansen is very helpful and he responds fast to our inquiries. Highly recommended!


Overall, the platform is great and easy to use. Excellent service. The support is helpful and responds fast to inquiries. If you’re looking for a great link building partner we can highly recommend Bazoom.

Mads Due Nielsen

Great company for link building, very helpful staff, work fast and easy to reach.​

Simon Leon Andersen
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